Getting (back) into Poser content creation [TuT]

Poser content creation


If you have been following my articles for a long time (at least 10 years), you are likely to know how I got into computer graphics. However, it is very likely you don’t, so I will give you the quick overview.

Around age 20, I discovered adventure games. I became interested on those, specially games like Myst and Zork, because they featured beautiful and imaginative environments.

Trying to figure out how to make similar environments, I learned about Bryce (called Bryce 3D back in the day), I downloaded the demo and began to play with it to make my own Myst-like environments (prepared to hit the PRINT SCREEN key as soon as the render finished, so I could have a copy of the render without the watermarks that were added on top afterwards).


Bryce 3D was somehow related to Poser back then, and that’s how I discovered Poser as well.

I used to make Poser content a few years ago, but then I quit when I got into video and games. However, I really like to design outfits (that’s one of my favorite parts of game development, actually), and that’s why, late last year, I got interested in making content for Poser again (more specifically, for La Femme) and that brought me back to Poser.

Because making content for Poser is a lot different from making an outfit for a game character (skinning works completely different), I decided I would start with something simple like a bodysuit.

La Femme includes two “dev-kit” figures (one bodysuit style figure and one dress style figure, and you decide which one to use depending on the kind of outfit you’re making). I had the option to make the outfit from scratch or use one of those figures. Again, to make things simple this time, I decided to use the bodysuit “dev-kit” figure as a starting point (the next one I make will be modeled from scratch).


After some time in Maya, I finally had something I was happy with. Bringing the content into Poser was an interesting experience. I had never used the Setup Room before (back in the day, I did it the old way, by editing the CR2 files on notepad).

In Poser, you can use the Setup Room to set the bones for your figure. However, this is where the dev-kit figures come into play, as you can simply apply the dev-kit rig onto your figure.

Another nice thing is that you can inject the morphs to the dev-kit figures (LaFemme Pro includes not only the morph injections for the figure, but also for the dev-kit figures; the same goes for LaFemme Body Kit, wich I also own). After injecting the morphs to those figures, you can use Poser’s “Copy Morph’s From…” command to copy those morphs from the dev-kit figure to your outfit.

At this point I realized I wanted more morphs for the figure, so I got the “body kit” for La Femme, so I could add more morphs. The “fun” part was adjusting the morphs to fix all the poke-through. Again, that is something I had never dealt with, so it took me some time to get all those fixed (especially the ones that combine two dials, like bending + side-to-side).

Overall, using the dev-kit figures makes cloth creation very easy, because you can copy the rig and the morphs from the dev-kit figure to your custom outfit with just a couple of clicks.

Now that I am almost done with the entire setup, I am thinking it would be cool to add something on top of the outfit, like a nice utility belt. That could be a good opportunity to test modeling something from scratch and go through the entire process with that original model. After that, the next step will be texturing.

As someone who stayed away from Poser content creation for over 10 years (and never got into the full body morphs nor the joint-driven-morphs), I can say that making and fitting this outfit to La Femme was surprisingly easy.

Maybe you won’t see me turning Poser into my main application (since my focus is still on games). However, I do see myself going back to making Poser content as a way to distract myself from game development (not to mention that I could use high-resolution Poser renders for certain types of games, like pre-rendered point and click adventure games or graphic novels). Now, if only Poser included game-ready figures (I mean, figures featuring a game-friendly topology) I’d be a happy man.

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